That Would Be A No


On all accounts.


Some Are More Equal Redux*

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Swinestein’s attempt to further shred the Constitution. But guess who the control doesn’t apply to.

Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials

Not everyone will have to abide by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control bill. If the proposed legislation becomes law, government officials and others will be exempt.

As has been said many times before, so-called gun control is not about guns. It’s about control. Those who want control will do anything, including violating the oath they took to “support and defend”, in order to seize control.

(*See below.)

Further thoughts on this subject by pediem at Random Geeking.

Welcome to Amerika

From Mrs. Patrice at Rural Revolution

It’s no wonder this country is simmering with resentment. Anger. Fury.

You see, productive Americans are tired of supporting an entitlement class eating high on the hog while we’re buying beans, rice, and second-hand socks. We resent being told we MUST partake of a product we don’t want (socialized medicine) or face punitive punishment. We’re tired of being called domestic terrorists if we happened to agree with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We’re tired of continued attempts by government goons to infringe on our right to bear arms.

So true. But are enough simmering? And what are they simmering about? The possibility of losing their dole or having to pay those on the dole? Sad situation.

Please go read the whole post. I had to take time off from paying the taxman today to deal with a couple of high priority issues. Two down and one to go. Don’t know what if anything I’ll be able to come up with as ma wee brayn is hurting mightily from all the blah blah already.

Ode To The Master

Twas the Time Before Smokeless in Odgen, Utah,
That a legend was born that would outlast them all.
Whether stars were aligned or the gods did decree,
Matters not one small spit, in the end it’s agreed.

Born to a gunsmith, a good one we’re told,
The wee lad seemed destined to stay in the fold.
An epiphany he had at a very young age,
That he could make any part at any stage.

And later the Big Times, with hat in its hand,
Came calling and hired this brilliant young man.
As work is not work when the task is such fun,
The young man turned out many well designed guns.

Came trench guns, and A-5’s, and Model 11’s.
His Colt ’95 in the Boxer Rebellion.
The 1911, Ma Duece, and his BAR,
Are just a short few of Le Maitre’s rep’toire.

Though knighted by King he was humble and kind.
He stood tall and worked hard ‘til the end of his time.
My poor rhyme and meter no justice does bring,
To the great man we all know, John Moses Browning.

John Moses Browning
January 23, 1855 – November 26, 1926

Some More Equal Than Others

A regular read of mine, Linoge over at Walls of the City, succinctly illustrates the “For Thee But Not For Me” mentality of the Ruling Elites. One would think their blatant nose-thumbing would provoke more widespread outrage. But then again one would have to think in order to be outraged. I could suggest a slight change in his terminology…


…but either way the point is well made. Go and read, fellow webtraveller. Follow the links. See the future.

Just Another Day For The Proles

Let us ponder…

  1. The godking was recoronated today. The Dept. of Propaganda proclaims we’re not worthy.
  2. The Mooch and Moochettes paraded before their adoring not-so-many masses. A vacation will be needed.
  3. Chrissy got his tingle on again. Someone please give that man a sock.
  4. New Hampshire-ites has MGs. None of the inanimate objects have gone on a rampage.
  5. Biden continues to make Quayle look like a Mensa member.
  6. Lemurs run rampant in Mieyamuh. Wait. What?
  7. Glowball warming slams into Britanistan. London mayor is not amused.
  8. Slick Willie scopes out a new “intern”. Queue Beavis_laugh.mp3.
  9. And, there’s the puppet theater the Parliament jesters foist on the somnambulant public.

Yep. Just another fun day on The Big Swirly Ride. I got to stay home and do things around the house. Which is all the more satisfying as it’s my house. Now it’s beer-thirty. A few Czech pilsners have my name on them. Stay thirsty, fellow proles.

We’ve All Been There

It’s late. You’re leaving the pub and just want something to soak up some of the beer. You know better. Yes, you do. But it’s convenient, and you’re pretty sure those leftovers in the fridge are way past their expiration date and moving into the science experiment stage. Everything is fine.

Until the gut-rumble alarm clock jolts you awake in the morning.


Taco Hell. Where all bad little tacos go.

Well Color Me Shocked

Va. lawmaker who brandished AK-47 during legislative session was disbarred following assault, death threat

A Virginia lawmaker who drew gasps from his colleagues when he brandished a borrowed AK-47 during an anti-gun speech Thursday was found guilty in 2002 of committing a vicious 1999 assault, was sanctioned for legal misconduct while prosecuting a rape case, spent six months in jail for contempt of a federal court, and saw his law license revoked in 2003.

Oh those silly, peaceful Dems. Sure and he wants protection from himself. Yeah, that’s the ticket! ‘Course, beating someone’s head against a wall doesn’t require one of teh evil booksticks.

Democratic Delegate Joseph Morrissey brought the rifle to the floor of the House of Delegates to demonstrate how easy it is to carry firearms in Virginia. Republican Delegate Todd Gilbert interrupted Morrissey’s speech to ask him to remove his finger from inside the gun’s trigger-guard — a basic gun-safety practice.

Yup. #3. Boogerhook off the bang switch.