Carsnak The Fabulous Says…

“Shark poop.”

And the question is, “What is Ocean Ramsey’s future?”

Some people never learn. Nature is untamed and does not play by the touchy-feely rules some seem to expect from it. Just ask Bear Poop Man aka Grizzly Man aka Timothy Treadwell (or his girlfriend Bear Poop Girl) or Mauled By Tiger Roy the Illusionist. Or countless others who have been severely injured or killed when their Animal Fu failed them and cuddly, cute <insert dangerous predator> decided to have a impromptu snack. Good luck with that, Ms. Ramsey. I sincerely hope you live to ripe, old age. But please tell those around you that If and When, it was your decision to put your self in harm’s way and you’re the only one to blame.

Why is it I see a parallel between people like this and those who wish to have us all at the mercy of one of the worse predators of all…criminals? “But he was just a 21 yr old criminal child who wouldn’t hurt a fly!”