On “Why I Wet My Panties…”

“…And Why You Should Because I do”.

Wholly phat Buddha. Found this while browsing Uncle’s place.

Why I gave up my guns

A former firearm enthusiast explains his personal epiphany

Here’s someone who epitomizes the “Piled Higher and Deeper” label. He gave up his guns because of his lack of training, preparation, and intelligence. If I had to single out one paragraph that wraps the whole “I’m a psycho anti-gun ijit” mentality in one it would have to be this…

Only in fantasy does keeping a gun in the home make you safer; the statistical reality is just the opposite. Only in fantasy is the possibility of even minimal gun regulation a threat “to take away all the guns.” And only in fantasy can arming teachers and abolishing gun-free zones be seen as a reasonable response to gun violence — for only in fantasy does throwing more of a problem at a problem equal a solution.

The depths of idiocy and/or blatant lies put forth there is quite amazing. As usual there are no facts, only emotional blah blah meant to feed the parrots.

The only good thing about reading that was the comments in which I found this gem; “A Culture of Entrenched Cowardice” over at chrishernandezauthor. Fits right in with the Oldie But Goodie “A Nation of Cowards“.