Brewing Controversy Over Proposal to Make Water Cheaper Than Beer

PRAGUE—In most restaurants and taverns across the Czech Republic, a mug of beer is, literally, cheaper than water. The country’s health minister wants to change that as he tries to put Czechs on a lower-hops diet.


He wants to require restaurants and bars to offer at least one nonalcoholic beverage at a price lower than that of the same amount of beer, primarily to offer teens, who can legally drink at 18, an alternative. The easiest thing to do, Dr. Heger said, would be to offer patrons pitchers of tap water.

Outrageous! Who does this gubmint drone think he is? Nanny Bloomberg? In the name of St. Wenceslas, moji kamarádi, tell the buggers to piss off. And send much Czech goodliness to Dun Karinn, 123 My Street, Small Town, TX USofA. Na zdraví!