Welcome to Amerika

From Mrs. Patrice at Rural Revolution

It’s no wonder this country is simmering with resentment. Anger. Fury.

You see, productive Americans are tired of supporting an entitlement class eating high on the hog while we’re buying beans, rice, and second-hand socks. We resent being told we MUST partake of a product we don’t want (socialized medicine) or face punitive punishment. We’re tired of being called domestic terrorists if we happened to agree with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We’re tired of continued attempts by government goons to infringe on our right to bear arms.

So true. But are enough simmering? And what are they simmering about? The possibility of losing their dole or having to pay those on the dole? Sad situation.

Please go read the whole post. I had to take time off from paying the taxman today to deal with a couple of high priority issues. Two down and one to go. Don’t know what if anything I’ll be able to come up with as ma wee brayn is hurting mightily from all the blah blah already.