Beware The Camel’s Nose

Unless you’ve just crawled out from under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Al “Manbearpig” Gore has found a sucker buyer for his money pit, Current TV. Gore and his Democrat fundraiser mouthpiece Joel Hyatt, have decided that Al Jazeera (owned and financed by the emir of Qatar who also donates big money to terrorist groups) was their best option in a hurried sale designed to beat millions in taxes. Big Al and Little Joel have been quoted as saying they are impressed with the journalistic integrity of Al Jazeera which echoes the praise given by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in May 2011.

Now your first reaction might be an incredulous “WTF?!” and you couldn’t be faulted for that. Of course we know that Al Gore, Head Chicken Little of the Carbon Credits Con Game, is firmly entrenched in the “For Thee But Not For Me Crowd”. Jetting from one Glowball Warming conference to another, luxuriating with Tipper in their 10k sq/ft colonial while polishing his Nobel Atta Bwoi, getting millions of dollars to bloviate to the unwashed masses. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. But Al Jazeera? The virulently anti-American propaganda manufacturer of The Cult? I understand your concern and admit that this was my first reaction. But is there no hope?

That our current government is an Islamist appeaser is a given. At every turn it kowtows to the very Cult that desires to impose sharia law upon non-cult members and cast away the principles this nation was founded upon. Our government’s dhimmitude is there for all to observe. But there are many who have been cowed by the MSM’s government-encouraged psychological manipulation and refuse to see what is happening before their very noses. Perhaps, when Al Jazeera is given it’s soapbox and the mask comes off, those who have been coerced into blindly believing what they are told about The Cult will come to their senses and see the truth. And the mask will come off.  The Cult’s hatred for all but themselves can not stay hidden for long no matter what talking head it is spewing from.

Of course it all depends on average Joe and Jane Citizen of this country seeing the nose creeping beneath the tent’s wall. And recognizing it for what it is. Is there hope that they will? Considering the obsession with the likes of Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians, I sometimes find it very hard to believe there is a spark of hope in turning back the tide. But maybe, just maybe. Hell, if nothing else it ought to provide much goodly blogfodder in the future.