Coming To A Country Near You

Things are not going so well in The Socialist Utopia Formerly Known As France*. Or maybe you think they are. I suppose it depends on who you are.

If you are an illegal immigrant you now have no fear of prosecution for your criminal activities. C’mon in! Baguettes and snails for everyone! Hmmm. There’s something there that sounds familiar. (Well, ok. Maybe not the garden pests but you see what I mean.)

And while France’s Constitutional Council spanked the socialists’ hands by cancelling the 75% tax rate on the rich (on the wording only, not the principle) it’s only time before the French government “will present a new proposal in line with the principles laid down by the Constitutional Court” despite what you may hear otherwise. (The doublespeak there is really astounding. Read the first and last sentence of that second article to see what I mean.) They even want to raise the tax on beer**! By 160%!! I’ll wager that doesn’t happen to the grape juice they’re so proud of. Elitist prerogative and all that, ya know. Again there’s that little tickle of something familiar there.

And last but certainly not least there is an “Oh look! A squirrel!” moment that should make even the most ardent fwenchie shake his head in wonder. The French government just cannot abide by The Cult’s bellicose actions in a former colony and yet they give free rein to persecution and violence in the homeland. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Just a magnificent day in the arrondissements municipaux! Once again there’s something eerily déjà vu-y and prophetic (no pun intended) at the same time there.

The criminal invasion, distribution of wealth, and Cultist demands. One has but to look east across The Big Pond to see what the future holds. But let us pause for a moment and heed the Revelations of the prophet Frogman for he is living the future. (And by the way. If you haven’t seen The Frogman’s “Bite Me Bullet” video, please do. It’s what led me to his wee bit of the Intarwebz way back when.) Do not give up. Let us expose the lies and falsehoods of the Cult and it’s followers. Likewise with the hypocrites, liars, and outright criminals who populate the Inner Party of this once-great Republic, and the propagandists who collude with them. Are we to abide by their “For Thee But Not For Me!” mentality? Shine the light on the statist’s betrayals and unmask their true intentions. And while doing so, let us hold our heads high. At least until something more substantial than BS starts flying.

*Oh, silly me. Guess I didn’t get the memo.

**Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but there are a few pretty good beers coming out of Francistan. But I wouldn’t count on it being for very long.

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