Breaking News From NYC!

Sidewalk COLLAPSES beneath overweight woman as she runs from the rain in New York City

A 300-pound plus woman has been hospitalized with a broken arm after falling through a New York sidewalk on Friday night.

The incident happened when the 31-year-old woman attempted to shelter from the rain outside a restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

According to witnesses, the sidewalk gave way underneath her and she fell about seven foot into the basement of the Atomic Wings restaurant at the Blue Room Grill on the corner of East 60th Street and 2nd Avenue.

Upon hearing of the incident, Mayor “Nanny” Bloomberg is rumored to have said “NO PAYNKILLZORS POR JOO HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!” and that NYC will sue for damages. “This woman obviously has been partaking in illegal Big Gulps and trans-fats. She must be punished as an example to all my minions.” Those close to the Mayor have also intimated that His Tweed-ness will implement a ban on rain because “no one should live in fear of being exposed to falling water particles.”

In related news, 28 scum sucking ambulance chasers lawyers were injured in the crush to get her a business card. Lawsuits are expected.