Burn Them! Buuurrrrnnn Theeemmm!!

Reminiscent of times past, a “a collective of representatives of Southington, CT community organizations” will be collecting and burning that which displeases them. Only this time the offensive object is Evil Video Games.

Connecticut town to burn violent video games as Sandy Hook returns to school

A Connecticut community is to hold an amnesty of violent video games in the wake of last month’s mass shooting in Newtown.


“As people arrive in their cars to turn in their games of violence, they will be offered a gift certificate donated by a member of the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce as a token of appreciation for their action of responsible citizenship,” the group said in a statement.

[Will they be accepting walk-ups or discriminate against those who are automogochine-challenged?]

Organisers Southington SOS plan to offer gift certificates in exchange for donated games, which will be burned.

Turn them in Amerika! And while we’re at it, what about all those books that contain violence? “Lord of the Flies”, “Frankenstein” (ooooo, a violent book about burning things!), “The Hunger Games”, “The Bible”. Burn them! What about the journalists who thrive by endlessly reporting on violence?* Burn them all! We must rid the World of everything violent…well except for the poor, misunderstood, “mommy didn’t love me enough” predators convicted of murder…because that proves you are responsible and will put an end to violence!

Here’s an idea for you Southington, CT gamers out there. Copy your COD/WoW/MW/Mario Bros. games, record the activation codes, and turn in your originals. Get a free gift certificate and continue to play your games. Win win!

I’ll wager all that burning plastic will make the hairs stand up on the tree huggers’ heads. Unintended consequences and all that. And speaking of unintended consequences, thanks, Wayne. Next time, let the adults write your presser.

*And no, I’m not advocating burning journalists no matter how good the idea sounds. Lawyers, perhaps, but not journalists.**