Happy New Year!

Greetings, fellow Proles! I’m Dun Karinn and I’d like to welcome you to Living the Orwellian Dream, where we cast a bloodshot eye about the wild and wacky wunderland that is our world today. As your humble host, I hope to entertain you with that which you may have missed during your Daily Plod. A laugh, a cry, or maybe even an ohh-emm-gee-GTFO-RAGE. You never know what, if any, majik may be performed. Perhaps this wee bit of the Intarwebz will only bore you off your rocker but, hey!  You can’t please everyone all the time and, to be quite truthful, the only one I really feel the need to please is myself. And there’s always the Back button if you find yourself wanting to punch the glowing screen in front of you. So grab a <beverage of your choice> and let’s all enjoy the Big Swirl thrill ride on which we’ve taken a front row seat.